​Fees & Insurance

Linda Chen is a registered member of the professional association: NVA (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur) where in most cases, you can reimburse whole or part of the treatment fee subject to your insurance policy for alternative medicine.

Please bring your insurance policy card. The information will be used to create an invoice which you can use for re-imbursement from your insurance company. To ease administration, please pay with cash and a “paid” invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

Attention! Most people think that they have to use “own risks” allowance first to cover the treatment cost before they will receive the insurance coverage. This is not true since the insurance for alternative medicine is separated from the basic insurance package and “own risks” allowance. If you have insurance for alternative medicine, you shall be able to obtain re-imbursement.

Overview of the different insurance policy and coverages per insurance company.


First session (including intake and acupuncture) € 70
Consultation only € 35
Follow-up sessions € 70

The intake is offered free of charge if you take the acupuncture treatment during your first visit.

For bookings, call 06 - 37315840 or use the contact form.