Blossoming Health & Beauty in Corona times

During the time when clients cannot receive physical treatments due to Corona limitations, I provide online consults, advice and coaching.  

I can help you with or give advice in these areas:

  • Better nutrition for stronger immune system
  • Herbal medicine for prevention and protection
  • Achieving emotional balance in times of stress
  • Easy exercise and acupressure techniques
  • Coronavirus symptoms, knowledge and lifestyle prevention tips
  • Coping with social distancing, anxiety and loneliness
  • Family/ relationship dynamics in challenging time
  • Managing change, uncertainty and stress

Feel free to book an online session with me via my Contact Form or WhatsApp.
Prices: 30 minutes session € 35 , 60 minutes session € 65
Monday to Friday, 09:00am.-17:30pm. and 19:30pm-20:30pm.
By appointment only.

For more information on Corona and Chinese Medicine, see the items on my Research page.